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A Little About Me

Hello! I'm Thereza Rebouças, a brazilian architect, urban planner and interior designer - but here, I'm just a blogger (yeah! it's my superpower) and to keep my secret identity you can call me Theriz! I run this blog since 2009, when I was graduating at the Architecture School and it should be a space to publish my work.. Well, it turns out I discovered I had much more to share :) More info...


Flores & ❤️

NYC, Oct 21, 2016

"... Já lhe dei flores, flores, flores que brotaram em meu jardim
Você brincou de bem-me-quer e mal quer saber de mim"
Flores - Ivete Sangalo

Some inspiration for the weekend
flowers + love >> shopping & fun

Sunday is for Brunch with the girls
pancakes & make up

Walkin' around Soho & takin' a lot of photos

the perfect scenography & the address

don't forget your leather jacket!

get the look & have a wonderful weekend!!

".. A dor vai curar essas lástimas
O soro tem gosto de lágrimas
As flores tem cheiro de morte
A dor vai fechar esses cortes

As flores de plástico não morrem"
Flores - Titãs

Million Reasons

Brooklyn, Oct 12 (grandma's bday), 2016

You don't need a million reasons to explain why you're not here with me.
You just need one reason to stay with me.

Every heartbreak makes it hard to keep the faith


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