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We all dream in Gold...

I'm here to present the winner of my 1st blog giveway!!

And the Oscar goes to... ou melhor, a sorteada foi: @mislene.ramos !! 

Usei o aplicativo iGerar para celular e o cálculo foi feito de acordo com o número de comentários no vídeo oficial do sorteio :)

Parabéns Mislene!! Espero que goste dos filmes com o Leo e continue seguindo o blog para ficar em dia com as novidades do cinema, moda, arquitetura e muito mais!! 
Obrigada à todos que participaram... vejo vocês em Cannes!! Nossa próxima parada!! rsrs...

Red Carpet Stars

The Oscars are on now... And I've already got my best dressed list of movie stars we love!

Charlize Theron accessorised her Dior dress with Harry Winston diamonds

Rachel McAdams arrived wearing a gown by August Getty


 Saiorse Ronan arrived in an emerald green dress by Calvin Klein


 Olivia Wilde arrived in a Valentino couture gown

Rooney Mara wearing Givenchy couture

Naomi Watts is wearing an Armani Privé gown, Bulgari jewels and clutch, 
and Stuart Weitzman shoes

Charlotte Rampling wearing an Armani Privé gown

Chrissy Teigen - wearing Marchesa - and John Legend

Margot Robbie in a golden dress by Diane von Fürstenberg
Julianne Moore in Chanel couture

*Like it? Do you agree with me?!
Next stop... Cannes!! 


É amanhã, gente!! Contagem regressiva... O porquê dessa euforia toda?! 1 dos meus atores preferidos tem grandes chances de levar o Oscar pra casa e não estou falando do Leo! Estou falando do Sly!! Que está concorrendo com seu personagem mais querido: Rocky Balboa ❤❤
Ele já ganhou o Golden Globe, que foi a melhor e mais divertida premiação de cinema até agora (esse ano) - por isso que estou aqui - pra deixar registrado os melhores momentos ❤❤

OMG! Have you seen '21 Jump Street' (2012)?? Channing and Jonah are so fun together!!
Here, Jonah came to present the awar as the bear from 'The Revenant'... LOL
Btw, he and DiCaprio became BFF's in 'The Wolf of Wall St' - lot's of laughs too :)))

Tarantino accepted the award of Best Score for 'The Hateful Eight' on behalf of the GREAT 
Ennio Morricone... Grazie!!

It's JLaw & Amy, but it could be you and your girl friend playing at the living room in front of the TV, right?! haha...

2 times winner - Jim Carrey!! Always fun!!

Mel Gibson presenting the new 'Mad Max' (2015) and I was like... yeah, you've should be in this film - it wasn't the same thing without him.. but it's a subject for another blog post - keep tuned ;)

Will Ferrel is funnier than Mark Walbert... oh! You already know that.. sure!

Beautiful Family, Denzel!! He certainly deserved this award Cecil B. DeMille - which honors extraordinary contributions to the entertainment world.

The moment you realize Leo is afraid of Gaga!! haha...

And yes.. he won for Best Performance of an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama

Best Party Moments!

I don't know what Katy Perry was doing there but I'm sure she enjoyed it a LOT!!

Orlando Bloom + Morgan Freeman = Moves Like Jagger ❤❤

My favorite moment of the night, of course... an standing ovation!! Gonna Fly Now, Sly ❤❤

* see you at the Oscars ;)

Special Oscar

Friday Feelings: My first blog giveaway!!!
Esse é para os cinéfilos e fãs brasileiros do ator Leonardo DiCaprio >>> estamos na torcida, aliás - pelo Oscar de melhor ator no filme "O Regresso", de Alejandro González Iñárritu.
Para participar, tem que seguir aqui e no Instagram + deixar um comentário no vídeo oficial:

É Oscar na certa!!

Criei um box como prêmio: Leo 3x com alguns dos melhores filmes da carreira do ator:

"O grande Gatsby" (2013), de Baz Luhrmann, que concorreu ao Oscar com 2 indicações e ganhou o de Melhor Figurino. O filme é um dos meus preferidos, já inclusive falei dele por aqui - trilha sonora perfeita também!

"O Aviador" (2003), de Martin Scorsese, que concorreu ao Oscar com 11 indicações (!!!) e ganhou 5!!! Incluindo o de Melhor Atriz Coadjuvante para a Diva do cinema: Cate Blanchett. Um clássico!

"Prenda-me se for capaz" (2004), de Steven Spielberg. Com o Tom Hanks no elenco - não tem como não gostar. O filme também concorreu ao Oscar com 2 indicações, mas não levou nenhuma... Você concorda?? Tem que assitir para saber ;)

Bem, o sorteio é Domingo (28/02) depois da premiação do Oscar lá no Insta!! Participe e boa sorte!!


There are many Kates around the world... some better known than others... some gain more prizes than others. I'm a fan of the work of several of them like: Cate Blanchett (who's always here), Kate Moss... Katy Perry... and the list goes on!
But today I want to talk about one specific Kate, one of my favorite actresses (after 'Titanic', which frankly I didn't like at all), a great actress of her generation and no doubt a movie Diva.
Kate Winslet!
We're at Oscar's week (02/28) and I'm here just to let it record: the emotional and inspiring speech that Kate gave to thank for the Bafta's award for Best Supporting Actress in 'Steve Jobs':

Kate revealed that as a 14-year-old, her drama teacher said “I might do OK if I was happy to settle for the ‘fat girl’ parts” she added, “Look at me now, look at me now”... “So what I feel like saying in those moments is, any young woman who has ever been put down by a teacher or a friend or even a parent, just don’t listen to any of it. Because that’s what I did – I didn’t listen, and I kept on going.”
“I kept on going and I overcame my fears and got over my insecurities… I would like to dedicate this prize to all the girls who doubt themselves because you shouldn’t be doubting, you should just be going for it.”

Some of the best Red Carpet moments - that proves she's a Diva, btw

Talkin' about the Oscars.. yeah she already won one for
Best Performance in a Leading Role for 'The Reader' (2008)

Oscars 2010 Red Carpet

Emmy Awards 2011

'The Dressmaker' Premiere at 2015 TIFF

Double winner: A Golden Globes Award + A Michael Fassbender' kiss

At this year's Baftas again with 'Steve Jobs' co-star Michael Fassbender

Inside of this year's Golden Globes with old friend Leo

Again with Leo at the SAG's Red Carpet (also this year)

And the perfect hug for the victory!
When Leonardo DiCaprio won for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor 
in a Leading Rolefor 'The Revenant' (2015)

More sweet moments: 2009 Golden Globe Award accept speech for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama for her performance in 'Revolutionary Road' (a movie that she also starred with BFF Leonardo DiCaprio - much better that 'Titanic' in my opinion).

 To finish, I need to talk about my favorite movie with the actress: 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' (2004), one of the most beautiful and sad love history of all times! And it's a sci-fi so.. I love it A LOT!!

And of all Jim Carrey's movies this's my fav ... He's just so good doing drama! 
They made a great couple together ❤

 Seriously, if you haven't seen it yet, you need to watch this movie!

Ohh sh*** Kate is fun!

*Things you didn't know about her:
of a huge list of awards, she even won for Best Spoken Word Album For Children
For "Listen to the Storyteller"


The perfect Monday Motivation!! + 200.000 visits on my blog!!
Ok, I know that's so little comparing to other fashion blogs, but to me and my few posts and followers that's an honor!!
I just have to thank you! And please, be welcome to come back more often ;)

Don't be shy, I love read and answer your comments 

Let's Dance!

Friday Feeling: Dance through the Weekend! And when we get tired we can watch some movies :)
Sadly, it's been 1 month already sence Bowie left the Earth but there's no reason to cry... he left his music here for us to remember and celebrate ♡ 
So, let's do this! Let's "put on your red shoes and dance the blues" ♪ ♫ ♩ ♫ Here are some of his songs immortalized by the magic world of the cinema... hope you like it!

The perfect match = Heath Ledger + David Bowie
"Golden years" song for "A Knight's Tale" (2001) movie soundtrack

Getting ready to go!
The classic 1st scene from "Clueless" (1995) and "Fashion" is playing

That moment in the end of the night:

Beautiful scene from  "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" (2012) 
"Heroes" is the fav song from Emma Watson character

"Starman" for "The Martian" (2015) movie soundtrack which by the way got 6 Oscars nominations:
Best Picture, Best Actor (Matt Damon), Sound Editing, Production Design, Visual Effects and Adapted Screenplay. 

"The secret life of Walter Mitty" (2013) by and with Ben Stiller have a perfect soundtrack, you must hear it all, but for now... listen to this "Space Oddity" version with dearest Kristen Wiig.

Want more? Watch "Labyrinth" (1986) and lose yourself through the night...

*Let's dance put on your red shoes 
and dance the blues

Let's dance to the song 
they're playin' on the radio

Decor de Carnaval

Não adianta, o país está caindo aos pedaços, mas as pessoas só querem saber mesmo é de cair na folia!
O pior, não vou mentir pra você, também estou precisando!
Janeiro foi aquela tristeza - só pagando contas e impostos... e agora?
No Brasil, o ano começa depois do Carnaval.

Se você mora aqui e vai ficar em casa igual a mim, a dica é a seguinte: faça você mesmo a sua festa, decorando com criatividade e o principal, gastando pouco!!

Recorte e cole
Mas lembre-se >> use fita dupla-face para não estragar a pintura ;)

we ❤ confetti

Cola + Purpurina

Jantar com os amigos à noite: Velas!

Máscaras coloridas para enfeitar as paredes e a mesa

Painel para parede... não só para o Carnaval 

A palavra de ordem é ALEGRIA

* Mais dicas DIY na Fan Page Rebouças :)
** Imagens do Pinterest