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It’s a geek world

As I said here before, unfortunately, I spent a time without blogging and thus I left to share with you my visit at the biggest geek expo in Latin America ... yes, I went to Comic Con Experience in Brazil!

It has been a while I've been following the 'Comic Con' in San Diego, through TV and YouTube. I always wanted to see the costumed visitors and participate in group interviews with movie casts live.
Anyway, as soon as they announced the expo here, I ran to the official website to buy my ticket and then, in December, there I was - on a plane going to São Paulo.

I bought on the internet and came home by post - without any problem!

"Where did all these geeks came from?" That was the headline in the newspaper of the day. And I thought the same thing - I had never seen so much geek together before! Wearing costumes or not, with family, in groups, alone (like me), they were all there!

The exposition itself was a little bit disappointing, I was expecting more, but I think it's because I didn't participate in any panel - I didn't know it had to buy separate tickets for this.

Also, as an architect I couldn't help but notice some flaws in the structure and assembly of the expo such as: the venue was in the works, so the access was poor (I saw several people stumbling and falling into the floor through the path to the entrance); I think the crossing space between the stands was miscalculated 'cause the number of visitors reached a certain time you couldn't walk through the place without bumping into others; the food court area was also small at lunchtime; and furthermore: chemical toilets - no comments about that!

OOTD: like a geek ‘cause I can’t reveal my secret identity!

It was a great experience, I think in going back there, for sure - and the organizers realized all these flaws I mentioned and they've already planned changes to the expo this year. If you are a geek like me, you have to go too - I recommend!

The Marvel exhibit was the most visited, no doubt ...
Everyone wants to take pictures with the "Avengers"!

My travel diary and visit to Comic Con in Brazil in December 2015
(Video created in Snapchat, available on my YouTube channel)

+ A short travel guide to São Paulo:

If you want to go and this year, a little help is always needed (step by step):

• How to get there: I bought my tickets in site, very easy and comfortable - had no problem with the flight and the trip was quiet alright.

• Where to stay: it's always good to look at the city map you will visit, even if you already know the place, just to get an idea of neighborhoods and services such as transportation and food. After doing this research, it's much easier to choose the hotel. I made my reservation through - and also didn't have any problem, everything went as agreed and hired.

In a traditional neighborhood, Jardins, close to Av. Paulista and a Starbucks..
what more can I wish for?

Golden Tulip Hotel - comfortable room &
ideal for rest and recharge my superpowers

• Getting around the city: Metro transportation works well, but if you don’t want to waste time - go by UBER.

• Beyond the comic books: SP offers a myriad of cultural attractions, art exhibitions, leisure, etc. Lots of things to do! Before embarking I recommend you to search for the events that are happening in the city to plan all the activities and don't miss any attraction.

Art + Architecture: Tomie Ohtake Institute

Superheroine: Art + Fashion = Frida Kahlo and exposure
"Connections between Surrealists Women in Mexico"

• Where to eat: My favorite ever - Applebee's and Starbucks.

Cosmopolitan Applebee’s or Starbucks caramel Frappuccino? Both!

• Before leaving, shopping: for those who love fashion and a shopping mall – Morumbi Shopping, Ibirapuera, Shopping Eldorado + Iguatemi.

The best time of year: Christmas, with malls decorated ♡

My favorite brands.. We love shopping!

So, I'm leaving you now... Like it? Are you a geek too?
I'm waiting for your sweet comment ;)
Happy #traveltuesday 

Summer In NYC

It's summer here!
Time to go outside and enjoy the festivals :)

The Central Park SummerStage festival is one of them and it's fun in the park!

Demi Lovato on ABC 'Good Morning America' tv show.. it was amazing!! And this Friday she`ll come back to play again, so you can't miss it - 8:30 a.m. at Central Park.
I'll share the videos on my youtube channel - stay tuned and have a great day!

Fashion Throwback

Hey guys, I don`t know if you know, but I'm in NYC right now... And it's been very busy here these days! I'm preparing a lot of special content to share here you you :) All the details about the trip, the hotel, shopping and more!
For now, I'm throwing back some photos from an Elle 2009 Fashion Editorial I love >> it's 'Lady in Red' with Gisele Bündchen.

Hope you all have a nice day!
It's almost weekend! Yay!!
Kisses from New York.. xx

Theriz Interviews: Mina

Hello, dear readers! I'm proud to share here with you my 1st blog interview (from a long time). And it's a special one.. I want you to meet Mina, from Underline Designs - an Etsy shop where I found my perfect new blog template ❤️ I like it so much that got me very curiouse about the creation process of it and the life of the person behind it.

1 - Mina, tell us a little about yourself. Where do you live? What's your profession?

My name is Amina, but I'm used to being called Mina by my friends and family so I started using it online. I'm 25 years old and I'm from Morocco, currently living in Istanbul with my boyfriend.
I started making Blogger template after I complete my studies to make extra money, but it ended up as my main job and source of income. I can't say that I would enjoy a normal day job.

2 - Do you work only with the development of templates? How it came into your life? Was a need or simply a way to earn extra income?

At first it was a way to make extra money, but as time went by I turned into my main job. I studied computer engineering at college and this definitely helped me with the templates as it made it easier to understand the code and customize templates based on customers requests.

3 - How long do you do it? Do you like doing that? I mean ... for me, all those points, symbols and letters (.. {.// ur.} ".. Are so complicated, I would have to really like it so I could be able to work doing that ... and for you, it all seems so easy!! Did you have to take a course to learn how to do it?

I certainly enjoy this job more than any other job I've had before, it's satisfying to start with an idea and build it to a functioning blog design, it is also fun to try and add new features that I haven't tried before to a design. The designing process is never a boring thing for me.

4 - Again, I need to praise your work. I loved the new design of my blog! And I tried a lot before finding your Etsy's shop ... Tell me, where did you get inspiration to create this Template? Where do you seek inspiration for new designs?

Marigold template was initially going to be an upgrade to a template I made before (In the City: A template with a homepage and a slider and other features that you mostly see on WordPress. The featured categories was inspired by: I loved how you can have certain categories highlighted on the main page, so I incorporated that on Blogger using labels. Marigold became my most liked and purchased template so far.

5 - Speaking on Etsy, the return is good? Could you share some numbers of sales/ statistics/ customers with us? Would you advise people who have a product to sell, offer through this site?

Etsy is my main income source now, even with having a website to sell my templates on, most customers find me through Etsy. I definitely recommend using Etsy if you're planning to sell something you created, even with the competition on the website you can still make a name for yourself and support yourself in the process. There is a place for everyone.
The first year I started on Etsy, I wasn't doing so good to be honest, the revenue was low and I could barely make over 200 USD a month. So I changed everything on my store starting with my store name and the images I use for my templates. I then created new templates that were user friendly, have lots of features that you don't normally find on Blogger templates and are minimal to leave room for the customer to change it however they like. I noticed a huge increase in my income with the re-branding.

6 - Now, enough of work, let's talk about leisure.. What do you like to do in your free time? What would be like a perfect day off for you?

When I don't have any work, I prefer to go out and spend the day out either with family or friends. Since I spend a lot of time in front of computer, I try to enjoy my free time away from it as much as I can.

7 - And about Fashion.. Do you like blogs? You have a favorite? What is your dressing style? 

I do love fashion and follow trends when it suits me, I also love to wear makeup, but I truly suck when it comes to applying it. I still have no clue how to blend eye shadows despite all the tutorials I watched on YouTube. I would describe my style as mostly casual, I mean I own a few pairs of heels, but I almost never wear them because I'm always choosing my comfortable converses.

8 - Travel.. Alone or accompanied? Your favorite place in the world is...

I haven't done much traveling outside my country or here in Turkey, but I would love to travel more and am planning to do so with my boyfriend once he's done with his studies. Ask me again about my favorite place in a couple of years when I visit Europe. :)

9 - Cinema.. Everyone has a favorite movie, which we watch several times, do you have some? 

I love movies and I watch them regularly, However I enjoy series more, I'm currently watching several series simultaneously. My favorite movie so far is Bidrman, and my favorite series are the popular current shows, like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Person of Interest.
I'm looking for a new series to watch so if you have recommendations for me, I'm all ears!

10 - To complete: what emoji you use most?

I use the smiley emoji 😊 all the time. I use it when I talk to my customers a lot, sometimes twice in one message. 😊😊

Well, that's it! Hope you like it!
Thanks again, Mina! A truly #girlboss inspiration for our Monday :)
Wish all a great week..

Changing Stars

This's a quote from the movie 'A knight's tale' do you know? It means something like 'change your destiny'.
Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe that everything that happens in your life is meant to be?
I believe that everything that happens in your life has a reason for being. and that all your actions and choices have led you to exactly the place where you are now.
I believe in the power of thinking, I believe that when you really want something you send an energy that can attracts it. And the whole universe conspires in your favor.

From sea stars to rock stars.. here, some fashion inspiration to style up your magical 
saturday night✨✨


Golden Star

Before YSL, the stars of Anthony Vaccarello

Marina Ruy Barbosa for Glamour BR

Vintage Inspiration: Rita Lee

And it was like this that everything started! 
"Barbie and the Rockers: Out of this World" (1987)

Magic & Stars