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NYC, July 28, 2016

Woke up at 6 am.. what can I do? It was just too hot to stay in and I had a lot of things to do. Now that I found an apartment (!) I need a job to pay for the rent.
So I spent the whole morning reviewing my resume and writing cover letters to deliver at the Hearst publications building - where are the offices of Elle mag, Harper's Bazaar etc.. 
I needed more coffee and when I was at the Starbucks near school a phone msg popped up:

"It's a big week for you... How about the cover of the NY Times Style Section?" + the newspaper page attached with my photo on it!

(Casey Kelbaugh for The New York Times)

'The Pool Room at the Four Seasons restaurant, whose contents were auctioned off in a nearly 15-hour sale. The overall tally for the sale was $4.1 million, which shattered the pre-sale estimate of $1.33 million.'

It was the photographer that I was helping that day. So.. This happened! I couldn't believe and I couldn't stop laughing either. I told you about this photo shoot here, but I'd never imagine that they would choose this photo (with me on it) for a cover! 

I mean, when I tell you this city is crazy you must believe it! In one day it can brings you down you want to kill yourself and in the next day you're so happy you thank god for being here! You can never guess what's going to happen, but I guess this's real life isn't it? It's unpredictable! You just have to get use to it.. ;) 

Talking about the unpredictable, I finish the day on a rooftop party at 319 Grand st (Lower East Side - chinese!) to celebrate the anniversary of an art gallery - Y Gallery - and then I met a really old and traditional restaurant here (since 1888) - Katz's Delicatessen - have you heard about it? A scene from the movie 'When Harry met Sally' (1989) with Meg Ryan was shot there :)

Unpredictable & Cinematographic! This is New York!

That's all for now.. I hope you all have a great weekend!!

* You can read the NY Times article here

Struggling to Survive

NYC, July 22nd, 2016

5:30 in the morning. Can you believe it? Why I woke up this time? Who wakes up at this hour anyway?! 
- My mother.
Yes, that's true. 5:30 a.m. every day, in fact, in Brazil must be 6:30 a.m. now and it's already time to work. But what about all this lazyness? The alarm clock will ring at 7:00 a.m., I can go back to sleep. 

It's Friday again, it would be a reason to celebrate if I was working and needed a weekend to rest. But as I'm not doing anything here every day is like a Friday for me. 
So, I'm up at 8:30 a.m. (laughs). I'm tired, sorry! Yesterday I walked for 10,16 Km (a lot for a sedentary as I'm) looking for an apartment to rent. Detail: I haven't found anything yet and I have to move again next week (3 times in less than 2 months). 

For new readers that just got here: yes, I'm almost for 2 months in NYC now. Looking for a job, place to live and passing through a few basic "grips". 
Life here is not easy. It's a daily struggle - like the guy from the residence I visited yesterday told me: 
- Welcome to NY. It's a fight everyday. You have to fight for your job, you have to fight for the apartment, you have to fight for your morning coffee.. 
Understand the drama?

Song from the 'Creed' (2015) movie... and people still asks me why I love Rocky Balboa so much...

Speaking of job..
Today I will do something useful. The photographer that I met (I'll explain in the next chapters + music of suspense at the bottom) called me for help in a photo shoot of some old furniture and objects of a restaurant is closing and will go to an auction. 

Meanwhile, my roommate is still asleep.. The train still coming and going downstairs. And the Sun is cracking out there - better hurry. 

I arrived at 50 St station and chose to walk to the 52nd Street crossing the 7th Ave, the Ave of Americas + 5th Ave, Madison Ave and Park Ave. It's an interesting path in terms of architecture - a lot of corporate buildings and its squares called my attention, so I could take some pictures and do snaps until get on the site. 

Have you heard about The Four Seasons Restaurant

'Credited with introducing seasonally-changing menus to America, The Four Seasons opened in 1959 and is one of the most talked about restaurants in the world. It was designed by Modern architects Philip Johnson and Mies van der Rohe and serves dishes that inspired the New York Times to rave, “one bite is enough to make you moan."

An only-in-Manhattan phenomenon that offers two public dining rooms, The Four Seasons is a favorite of locals and critics who appreciate culinary classics and innovative seasonal dishes.

The Pool Room is airy and romantic and serves an a la carte menu of what New York Magazine called “surprisingly adventurous new flavors and marvelous pairings,” as well as the deal-of-the-decade $59 three-course menu that changes seasonally to satisfy any palate.

Known for its legendary power lunch, the Grill Room is more masculine with luminous French walnut-paneled walls and soaring two-story windows. It features an unfussy menu of Maryland crabmeat cakes, burgers, perfectly grilled fish, impressive rack of lamb and the filet of bison that GQ Magazine gave its “dish of the year” award.'

OOTD: H&M jumpsuit

The restaurant will cease to exist inside the Seagram Building at 99 East 52nd Street. Although proprietors Julian Niccolini and Alex von Bidder plan to revive the restaurant a few blocks away, maybe it won't be the same thing. There was an atmosphere of sadness and "nostalgia" in the air.. old employees arriving to pick up their certificates from years of work dedicated to the place and old customers taking advantage of the service that was still being offered by the bar for storytelling what they'd lived there. 

The Four Seasons sign (estimate: $5,000–7,000)

It were almost 3 hours of photo shoot of furniture, silverware, cutlery, etc as I said before, designed the most famous architects in the world - at this point I thanked my mother for having taught me how to prepare a nice table - if everything in life has a reason  to be, maybe the reason could be a photo for the New York Times. (Who knew?)

Well, unfortunately, not everything is about flowers on the island. My daily struggle was just beginning. Something even more unpredictable happened, but I'm not going to tell you now - you'll have to stay tuned for the next chapters of my adventure here ;)

Happy Monday!
Wish you all a great week!

*For more information about The Four Seasons auction that is happening tomorrow, please visit the official page here.


Continuing with my adventures around New York.. I had a great experience at the Museum Mile Festival - an art summer festival in which all the museums from 5th Ave had free admission. Besides, they closed the avenue for all kinds of cultural and creative activities. 

I chose the Guggenheim museum because of its architecture, of course! The first time I went there, part of it was under construction and some kind of renovation so I couldn't visit all the spaces inside.

From our hotel - The New Yorker - to the nearest station, by subway. We crossed the Central Park..

The perfect light

It was very crowded, but I killed my willingness to walk the steep galleries..

My Outfit Of The Day: Jeans And Top by Zara + Bag And Shoes by Forever 21

Cheers! To finish the day with style, some drinks & a rooftop please!

The Empire + The Moon

I really recommend you to attend at the next year festival, for more information, 
please visit the official page ;)
Have a great day!
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Mind Soul Body

Manhattan, July 13, 2016
The next morning..

Again.. lost in the Lower East Side 

Extremos !

Sentimentos que viajaram no tempo
Onde corações se colidiram no espaço
Parecia impossível, mas acabou ocorrendo
Uma realização de um desejo fanático
Onde duas almas mergulharam uma na outra
Conhecendo tanto as águas azuis e calmas
Quanto as águas obscuras misteriosas da noite
Foram expressadas todas as emoções
Que até então pareciam ser somente abstratas
A realidade se manifestou
Personificando nossos corpos como vestuário para o seu ato
Nossas peles se tornaram uma só, grudadas.

Tatuando emoções eternas em cada partícula de nosso organismo
Células se transformaram criando algo mutante
Que pode ser definido tanto como um anjo cheio de brilho
Quanto um demônio sombrio
Algo chamado amor
Mas aos confins do sadomasoquismo
Tapas e mordidas
Socos e lambidas
Beijos e salivas
Sufocamento e fantasia
Consequências moldadas por euforia.

O amor se colidiu com a paixão
Onde um complementa o outro
Nos dando ainda mais intensidade e vida
Mistérios, bebidas e sedução
A sensação assusta
Mas é magnífica
A minha luz finalmente se equilibrou com a minha escuridão
Criando uma aura poderosa e sombria
Onde eu tenho o poder da dominação
Mas um poder que concedo e abro mão
Por alguém que peço gentilmente: Fique aqui. Seja minha!
E pela primeira vez sinto que meu pulmão realmente respira
E que sangue bombeia de verdade no meu coração
A vida agora parece ter a cor de água cristalina.

Pode parecer uma coisa psicótica
Mas é uma psicose que todos nós temos
Uma psicose chamada amor
E por mais que ouço vozes
As únicas palavras que me importam são as suas
São as únicas que eu realmente acredito de verdade
Por mais que às vezes sejam bruscas
Eu não importo
Desde que haja sempre - no plural - todo os tipos de luxúrias.

Pois... por anos eu andei pelas artérias de um vulcão
Vagando em minhas próprias larvas internas
Queimando cada pedaço do meu lado humano
Mas eu sobrevivi a mim mesmo
E por mais que eu pareça novamente um bobo lunático
Eu posso sentir esperança
E dizer em voz alta e sedutora como a do diabo
Ou como a voz misteriosa de Deus
“Eu estou mais uma vez apaixonado!”

Agora eu sei, eu senti
Agora há reais e surreais sentimentos
E é horripilante mas ao mesmo tempo são plenos
São divinos e ao mesmo tempo são blasfêmicos
O que importa é que estou com você
Mesmo que seja na linha tênue que separa o amor e o ódio
Eu me entrego
Mesmo que seja nos extremos.

- Bruno Bernardes


from 'The Great Gatsby' (2013) to my life's soundtrack 

snaps of the day @theriz_re

Dark Sheep

Hey dears!! It's been a crazy month here in NYC (yeah, today's making 1 month exactly from the day I arrived).. I'm sorry I'm not sharing posts more often here for you. But don't go away... things are starting to get better!

For now, I'll leave you with a great companion... 

'Levava uma vida sossegada
Gostava de sombra
E água fresca
Meu Deus!
Quanto tempo eu passei
Sem saber!

Foi quando meu pai
Me disse:
"Filha, você é a Ovelha Negra da família"
Agora é hora de você assumir
E sumir!...

Baby Baby
Não adianta chamar
Quando alguém está perdido
Procurando se encontrar

Baby Baby
Não vale a pena esperar
Oh! Não!
Tire isso da cabeça
Ponha o resto no lugar...'

Rita Lee

P.s.: Any similarity is purely coincidental.. haha..
Have a great week!

The Nearest Thing to Heaven

You can go to The Top of The Rock or the One World Trade Center.. But none of them can impress me more than the Empire State Building! I just can't get enough of it and always got surprised when I'm walking in the streets and it suddenly appears in the middle of the landscape.

I'd already shared this photo here, but I love it so I'm sharing again. It's the final scene from the movie 'Sleepless in Seatle' where a lovers meeting happens... Well I'm waiting for my moment too :) Until it comes, I'm just appreciating the view from all the greatest rooftops of Manhattan!

The view from the Top of The Strand (hotel)

The view from the 230 Fifth rooftop

The view from the PHD rooftop

And at the corner of my hotel.. 34 st with 8 Ave

Night or Day, its my Fav for selfies ❤️

More inspiration... If you're not feeling like partying in a NYC rooftop, maybe you could watch these movies on the weekend... I recommend!

'An Affair to Remember' (1957)

'Sleepless in Seattle' (1993)

Happy Friday & Have a Nice Weekend, dears!!