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Talk about this book or the GIRLBOSS concept is old news, I know!
But we always need some motivation. To get to work, to get things done, to change something in your life. To improve your career, achieve your goals... There are so many things we can do!!
So... Here's my collection to help you to get start it! Or just help you get through this week.

Wake up & Hustle

Fashion tips to success - lessons for personal life and professional life
gaining confidence in yourself and in your business
you just need to start - one step at time
With so much information available today, we need to focus on what is really important to us - what will increase our knowledge and what we'll be able to use as a tool for growth and development of our brand
It's good to be different
Some advices are for a lifetime!
If you dind't read it yet... what are you waiting for?! 
Every girl should be a #GIRLBOSS (by Sophia Amoruso, 2014)
And I recommend "Not that kind of girl" by Lena Dunham too.

Keep up the good work ;)
                                                                                                                           *Photos from We Heart it

Lazy Sunday

"A girl and her bed on Sundays are an endless love affair" and it can be glamorous...

Inspiration from Elle UK Oct 2011 'The Last Seduction'

Elle Serbia February 2016

Diva and Australian actress Cate Blanchett for Harper's Bazaar UK's February 2016 issue.
Always one of the best dressed at the Red Carpets, can't wait to see her at the Oscars this year - she's nominated for Best Actress in a Leading role for the movie "Carol".

*Btw, a lazy Sunday + a great movie = the perfect match!!

#MuseumSelfie Day!

OMG! Just found it on Twitter... today is Museum Selfie Day!! Did you know it?
Well.. I happen to have a lot of selfies in museums, so I decided to share some of them here with you :)

Me at MALBA (Museu de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires)
2012, Buenos Aires


Bad hair day at the National Museum of Scotland
2014, Edinburgh 

Actually, I don't like to take photos inside a museum. Besides the fact that the camera flash can deteriorate a painting, I think that it distracts other people there that are appreciating their moment with the art
I think a museum is a place to be quiet, you know?!.. Like a library or a church, it's a temple to get inspired and learn something greater. 
So, I prefer to take selfies at the outside of the museums - to show more the architecture of the place.


Red winter nose at the Louvre
2009, Paris

Pretending not to care at the V&A museum
2011, London 

We ❤ some Free Admission!

Amazing details...

Still at the V&A museum... it's a beautiful place! And have a great collection ❤

oh the MOMA architecture!!
2015, NYC

Museum of Modern Art

Spotted: James Franco was there visiting the Henri Matisse exhibition...

The Saatchi Gallery
2014, London

Keep cool ;)

I lost the count of how many times I visited the British Museum!
It's definitely one of my favourite places in London ❤❤❤


The classic selfie!
2013, London

2 of 100 selfies inside of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
2015, NYC

They get tired easily...
Family selfie at the Guggenheim :)

The MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
2015, NYC

Egypt in New York

Found it!!
Looking for Ross (Friends) or Robin Williams (Night at the Museum) at the Natural History Museum
2015, NYC

Finally... the last one... at the bathroom of the museum!! OMG don't judge me!!

Looking at these photos I realized something, I have no recent photos in Brazilian museums - which is absurd, after all I live here!

So here is a New Year's resolution for this year: visit and take more pictures here in Brazil... I promise!

See you in 2017 #museumselfie day ❤ xx


★ Like lightning raw: David Bowie has launched his new album 'BlackStar' (the 25th of his career), he celebrated his birthday on January 8 and then returned to the space where he belong - next to the Stars. 

It was worth staying one hour in line to check out this exhibition:

A retrospectiva sobre a obra de Bowie foi concebida em Londres, no Victoria & Albert Museum:
O conteúdo foi apresentado sem ordem cronológica, com eixos temáticos que mostram as diferentes faces de Bowie de maneira mais instigante do que uma retrospectiva mais convencional – adjetivo que nunca se aplica ao autor de “Heroes”, “Let's dance”, “Changes”, “Space oddity”, “Starman” e tantas outras faixas marcantes da música pop.



★★★ (1947 - 2016) ★★★