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Flowers and Hearts

NYC, Oct 21, 2016

"... Já lhe dei flores, flores, flores que brotaram em meu jardim
Você brincou de bem-me-quer e mal quer saber de mim"
Flores - Ivete Sangalo

Some inspiration for the weekend
flowers + love >> shopping & fun

Sunday is for Brunch day with the girls

Walkin' around Soho & takin' a lot of photos

the perfect scenography & the address

don't forget your leather jacket!

get the look & have a wonderful weekend!!

".. A dor vai curar essas lástimas
O soro tem gosto de lágrimas
As flores tem cheiro de morte
A dor vai fechar esses cortes

As flores de plástico não morrem"
Flores - Titãs

Million Reasons

Brooklyn, Oct 12 (grandma's bday), 2016

You don't need a million reasons to explain why you're not here with me.
You just need one reason to stay with me.

Every heartbreak makes it hard to keep the faith

Perfect Illusion

NYC, Oct 10, 2016

She's finally back!! Lady Gaga (or mother Monster) is back in the game! And I'm already addicted to her new music and video "Perfect Illusion" >> playing on repeat mode.. 🎶🎶🎶

Something is different on her style though.. don't expect crazy outfits or short movie stories like in her old videos. I think its more rock 'n' roll this time and it's really good!

Big blonde hair > I'm trying it 💕

Desert feelings = Music Festival vibes + Mad Max scenario

watch it and keep reading..

This is the 'Burning Man' festival
I just discovered a few days ago and fell in love!

"The Event. Once a year, tens of thousands of people gather in Nevada's Black Rock Desert to create Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance." more info here

It's like living in the chaotic and post apocalyptic future created by George Miller!

Have you seen this movie? "Mad Max: Fury Road" (2015) with Charlize Theron

Awarded with 6 Oscars! Best Costume Design, Film and Sound Editing, Production Design, Sound Mixing and Makeup

The best movie released last year, in my opinion... you need to watch it! And the others too..
"Mad Max" (1979)
"Mad Max: The road worrior" (1981)
"Mad Max: Thunderdome" (1985)

Music + Craziness + Love

The perfect illusion somewhere in all the confusion!!

Plans for the weekend.. Just Dance!!
Happy Friday, dears!!


NYC, September 29, 2016

Mais uma da série, realizando um sonho em Nova York..

So... when we met I told him I was in NY to try a career change, from Architecture to Fashion, and in the same day we just run into this good old friend of him (at Soho House!) which is a big and famous fashion stylist here! Coincidence or destiny? 
I asked him to connect us and some months later, I'm proud to share our first work together.. I mean, my first work as her assistant :)

Maybe I had a little help from the stars, like I said here before.. "I believe in the power of thinking, I believe that when you really want something you send an energy that can attracts it. And the whole universe conspires in your favor."

the theme was 'navy' style = sailor hats & stripes + a touch of rock glam that made all the difference!

backstage photos from my iPhone

In The Navy

Photography: Sarah Kehoe
Styling: Elise Wilson
Hair: Carmel Bianco
Make up: Sarah Appleby

Ida Dyberg
Tscheca White
Carolina Verbova

The Statue of Liberty as the Backgroud.. and the location:

Red Hook Winery - it worth a visit!

got me like... maresia feelings!

"Ah, se eu fosse marinheiro
Era eu quem tinha partido
Mas meu coração ligeiro
Não se teria partido.."

Uma foto publicada por Sarah Kehoe Photography (@sarahkehoe) em

Uma foto publicada por Sarah Kehoe Photography (@sarahkehoe) em