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Sign Of The Times

"Just stop your crying.." Harry Styles would say.. The end is near, but if you are in New York you don't need to worry so much about it.. Although the city is always the first to be attacked by aliens, zombies or natural catastrophes, it's the only place on Earth that survives and prevails.
Well, at least its monumental architecture and engineering constructions, as is the case of the Statue of Liberty..

The End scene from 'Planet of the Apes' (1968) 

I'm talking about science fiction films, of course!! And in this cold and lost Sunday night I want to share with you the 5 times New York City survived The End of the World - in my favorite movies :)

#5 - 'Independence Day' (1996) by Roland Emmerich

When aliens take Manhattan

#4 - 'Deep Impact' (1998) by Mimi Leder

Guess where the comet that can destroy our planet will fall?

#3 - 'Oblivion' by Joseph Kosinski, based on Konsinski's unpublished graphic novel of the same name

It's not the first time we watch Tom Cruise fight with aliens in New York (remember 'War of the Worlds'?), but at this time he's in a Post apocalyptic period and he's alone.. well, at least he thinks he is.

I loved that they stopped using the Liberty Statue cliche to show what was left of other constructions too, like the Empire State Building

#2 - 'The Day After Tomorrow' (2004) by Roland Emmerich (did you notice? The same director from 'Independence Day'.. I guess he knows what he's doing)

Fronzen NYC - with survivors!!

#1 - My favorite of all: 'A.I. Artificial Intelligence" (2001), by Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick

This film changed my life and my perceptions about life, reality and cinema. Because of it, I started to love science fiction stories, speacially the post apocalyptic ones. It made me believe in the beauty of the future - the scenes of an under water Manhattan are a beautiful work of art.

Bonus: to me, it all started with the Apes..

Charlton Heston is a lost astronaut trying to find his way home when he realizes there's no more home to go back to

this scene is a classic that everbody try to recreate

Bonus + 'The day the Earth stood still' (2008) by Scott Derrickson

the alien ship lands in the middle of the Central Park and the destruction begins..

".. Stop your crying, baby, it'll be alright
They told me that the end is near
We gotta get away from here.." 🎶🎶

Or not! Keep calm and make some popcorn..
Wish you a great end of the night (not the world) haha..
And good luck 'cause tomorrow is Monday!!

A great week to all!

Sis Bazar

Hello everybody!!

As you may know, last week I hosted my blog's first event. It was awesome! And it was all about Fashion ❤️️ We had a girly afternoon doing what we love most: shopping! (And for a great cause..)
Me and my sister have been accumulating clothes that we no longer use since I don’t know.. forever! Just because we have pity of giving or selling them.
Until we finally decided to detach and put everything for sale .. dresses, blouses, skirts, shoes, bags, etc... 

All the details of what happened on our parents house backyard are on our Facebook Page
come take a look!

My Sister & I #SisBazar
The event had some lovelies sponsors:

Some shots of what we were selling..

A lot of people came to see & buy :)

#OOTD all about Millenial Pink 
Necklace by Lanvin for H&M
Silk Shirt by Forever 21
Jeans by Zara
Sandals by Arezzo

Spotted! We had it all covert on Snapchat and on Instagram Stories

All photos were taken by our photographer Cléo Guingo

Another details by myself :)

And it was a great oportunity to people get to know our blog too!
So I want to thank everybody that came ❤️️❤️️

Labels & Love

Can't wait for the next blog event!!
How about you?

Wishing all a great weekend ❤️️❤️️❤️️
Happy Friday!!

Boho Lifestyle

My inspiration for this #travelTuesday >> Itaipava, RJ - Brasil ❤️️

Boho #OOTD 
Skirt by H&M
Top and Shoes by Forever 21

And when you're there, you need to visit this place >> Empório Maria Maria >> a market complex of food + decor + fashion

fresh breads iin this bakery

All the decor objects and furniture are for sale inside this old house that they made a great renovation creating a bohemian atmosphere..

Everything delicious & beautiful

The hat is from H&M too :)


Casa Design JF

Falando um pouco mais de decoração... tive o prazer de participar de um Brunch especial em Juiz de Fora à alguns dias atrás. Lançamento da edição 2017 da Mostra Casa Design JF..
Trata-se de uma mostra de arquitetura e design de interior, em que profissionais da área são convidados para exporem suas idéias e mostrarem ao público em geral o que é tendência hoje na construção e decoração.

#OOTD Blusa Renner + Saia e Sandálias Zara

A cada ano, uma casa é escolhida na cidade para uma renovação total, assim cada espaço é assinado por um escritório diferente, resultando em uma variedade de estilos e projetos.

O evento aconteceu no Haras Morena Resort e contou com a presença de empresas parceiras e personalidades da cidade, além dos profissionais expositores desta edição de 2017. 

Details + Landscape

Simplicidade e Sofisticação: Piso em pedra São-Tomé

Para finalizar.. uma delícia!

Parceria de sucesso.. A Mundial Acabamentos é apoiadora oficial do evento e quem me acompanha no snap já viu os produtos diferenciados que eles oferecem lá ❤️️

A mostra acontece em Setembro e vou mostrar tudo aqui!
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